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Founded in 1966 by Angelo S. Petitto (1907-1999) and family, Petitto Mine Equipment, Inc. is a family owned and operated company. Beginning with two borrowed stick welders in an old mine shop, the Petitto reputation was born. Following several location changes the company settled to its present site in 1969. For the first 10 years the company was strictly a repair facility, but in 1978 the first manufacturing began.Hard work and a hands-on approach has been the standard for the past 40 plus years, instilled by the example of Mr. Petitto Sr., who worked every day of his 92 years until shortly before his death in 1999. Today, the Petitto management team consists of family members Jim Petitto, George Marshall, Jason Robbins, Michael Petitto and Brian Petitto. 


Mining Industry

Serving the coal industry for more than 40 years and specializing in the manufacture of heavy duty, crawler track mounted longwall move equipment, Petitto has set the coal industry standard for longwall shield retrieval in the United States and Australia for the past twenty years. Representing equipment utilization in over 90 percent of all longwall mines in the United States and Australia, the Petitto Mule Longwall Shield Retriever, the Petitto Mule Longwall Shield Installer, and the Petitto Pack Mule Longwall Shield Transporter offer a complete product line of equipment designed to handle today's heaviest shields. These reliable hard-working units are also utilized internationally to handle some of the heaviest shields in the world.


Manufacturing - Special Projects

Petitto Mine Equipment, Inc. has a diverse range of experience in both manufacturing and repair work. Manufacturing projects include large traversing compost paddle units, in-vessel composters, rail cars, specialty cutter drum designs, cable spooling devices, large conveyor feeder/breaker frames, steel mill galvanization dies, emissions research project trailers and various heavy steel fabrications custom made to design specifications. Smaller projects include industrial and commercial hand railings, gate assemblies, ornamental benches, waste receptacles and special rail to trail memorial plaque mountings.

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