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Model 1036 | 1978
Capacity: 5 ton
Weight: 11 ton
Model 1039 | 1981
Capacity: 15 ton
Weight: 22 ton
Model 1550 | 1988
Capacity: 35 ton
Weight: 41 ton
Model 2555 | 2008
Capacity: 50 ton
Weight: 52 ton
Model 2770 | 2021
Capacity: 70 ton
Weight: 94 ton

Morgantown | West Virginia | USA

Petitto Mine Equipment, Inc. offers steel fabrication and machine services with design and manufacturing capabilities.


Serving the coal industry for more than 50 years, Petitto Mine Equipment, Inc. specializes in the manufacture of heavy duty, crawler track mounted longwall move equipment. Petitto has set the coal industry standard for longwall shield retrieval in the United States for the past 30 years. Representing equipment utilization in over 90 percent of all longwall mines in the United States, the Petitto Mule Longwall Shield Retriever, the Petitto Mule Haul Longwall Shield Installer and the Petitto Pack Mule Longwall Shield Transporter offer a complete product line of equipment designed to handle todays' heaviest shields. These reliable, hard-working units are also utilized internationally to handle some of the heaviest shields in the world.


Although internationally known as a manufacturer of underground coal mining equipment, Petitto Mine Equipment Inc. has a diverse range of experience in both manufacturing and repair work. See Products  for more information.


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